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Scherzo is a news reader in RSS format for those who always enjoy being informed.

Subscribe to the topics you care the most

Scherzo works with millions of websites and news portals in your language


RSS and ATOM support

RSS (RSS 2.0) and Atom (RFC 5023) format feeds are supported.

Customizable interface

Adjustable font size. Dark theme available.

Built-in browser

Read the full articles without leaving the app.


Organize your feeds into categories and sort them by date or title.

Background syncing

Customizable synchronization intervals. Supports image download.


Create filters with keywords and receive notifications for new articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scherzo can be downloaded completely free from Google Play. Some premium features such as parallel sync (for more than 100 feeds) and the ability to have unlimited filters require purchasing the PRO version.

You can subscribe to as many feeds as you wish. However, users of the free version will enjoy up to 100 feeds with parallel sync activated, and once this limit is exceeded it will be automatically deactivated.

The parallel sync refers to Scherzo's proprietary algorithm for fetching new news by taking advantage of your smartphone's internet connection capabilities along with other factors. Users with many feeds or limited internet connection will see reduced sync times when this feature is enabled.

Some publishers and news portals may decide to offer only a summary of your articles in their feed. In such cases, Scherzo will open the web browser to display the full article.

No, We're working to add this feature in the near future.

No, Scherzo does not require any registration nor providing any personal information to work. Everything is stored on your smartphone.

Yes, Scherzo allows you to import OPML files from other apps, as well as export them.

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