We have news about our products: Luthier is now called Luthier CI, a set of classes that extend CodeIgniter and facilitate the development of more complex applications. In addition, we announced the beginning of the development of Luthier Framework, an MVC framework for PHP written from Symfony components, it's the result of years working with CodeIgniter, from which we have been inspired.

Luthier CI: Improving CodeIgniter.

Luthier CI by itself is not a replacement for CodeIgniter, but a series of extras and syntactic sugar. It's installed as a library via Composer and is designed to integrate seamlessly into the framework through the hooks. Two fundamental deficiencies are sought to solve with Luthier CI: the 'static' routing of CodeIgniter and the absence of Middleware.

While CodeIgniter routing is not bad, it starts to fall short as our application grows in size and complexity. It's missing the option to create groups of routes in a semantic way and the possibility of adding names (aliases) to the routes, thus avoiding having to rewrite all our views by the slightest change in any URL.

Developers who have experience with Laravel will know how useful is to be able to apply actions outside the limits of the controller (something like "global" controllers) and Luthier CI makes an approximation of this concept, being able to define and add middleware to the routes and groups of routes so that you can, for example, create a middleware responsible for user authentication and assign it to many controllers.

Luthier Framework: our vision of minimalist web development.

Luthier Framework is an alternative to modern development trends, it's a project made from scratch with the objective of replacing the entire infrastructure of our applications in the not too distant future. Instead of a framework with an endless list of functions and features, we want it to be a minimalist one, easy to extend and that can be molded according to our needs; The goal is to reach an intermediate point between the more complete alternatives such as Symfony and Laravel, but without being considered a microframework.

For now Luthier Framework is in development and it would be crazy to promote its use in production environments, however, we encourage the community of developers to take a look at the Github repository of the project to closely monitor the evolution of it.




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