We are pleased to announce the launch of the alpha version of Ingenia Channels, a real-time collaborative cloud application. It’s the result of months of development in which we put together many ideas and also our own experiences about what teamwork is and should be: productivity and efficiency.

As the name implies, in Ingenia Channels, the protagonists are the Channels: improved chat rooms where members can share messages, files, and reminders. The goal? to reduce the number of internal emails and provide a workspace where access to important information is as fast as possible.

Defining Ingenia Channels in a single word: Simple


One of the design goals that we set for this project was that the user experience should be intuitive, greatly simplifying the interface and focusing completely on the channels, but what can be done in them? Share messages, files and create reminders, simply that.

Of course, we have added interesting (and necessary) features such as a notification system. In addition, since all the content is indexed, it’s possible to make channel searches, being able to search channels and also messages, files and published reminders in any channel, something very useful when the amount of information available is very large.

Channel Searches

Something that perhaps many will appreciate is the possibility of creating subchannels, and the reason is more than obvious: when a channel covers many topics of conversation, it's better to divide it into subchannels. Both the main channel and the subchannels can be configured separately to allow or not the publications of the members, the upload of files or the creation of reminders, giving the owner the flexibility he needs to create a customized channel.


Privacy and visibility of information

A feature where we put special focus was on privacy: when creating a channel, the owner can set it as public or private.

Channel creation

Public channels can be found by other users in searches, while private channels are only accessible by knowing their URL. But not only that: it can also mean the approval of the members by the owner of the channel before joining, as an extra measure of security.

A project that's just beginning

Ingenia Channels represents that virtual office that our startup had to manage during the beginning of our trajectory as a company, and we are sure that many people around the world also need a place where they can work and coordinate their projects without the limitation of physical space and without excessive complications that more complex and large tools suppose.

For now, the application is at a very early stage of its life cycle and all comments and criticisms are welcome in order to improve it every day, even so, we invite you to join us!

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