Exactly one month ago we presented Ingenia Channels, our real-time collaborative work tool, and today we're happy to announce the Alfa 2 Version of the project, which comes with several improvements and new features

Dark Theme

The most important feature is undoubtedly the dark theme, designed, among other things, to reduce the visual fatigue caused by the continuous use of the application while you are in a low light environment. An idea brought to you by Julio Cedeño (@julidagx)

To activate it, just go to the settings and then in the Appearance section.


Thanks to the suggestions of several users we've added support for emojis in the publications. To insert them you must write in the editor two points ":" and then a drop down with the available emojis (more than 3000!) Will be shown.

Links, multi-line posts, and more improvements

Another aspect in which the publications have been improved is the possibility of embedding links, something basic and missing in Ingenia Channels. In addition, it's easier to make line breaks from the editor: if the Send with ENTER box is checked, pressing the shift + enter key will make a line break without sending the publication. Otherwise, to send the publication, just press Ctrl + enter.

Still not using Ingenia Channels?

Check it out!