We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of migrating all our infrastructure to this website: ingenia.me.

More than a simple change of URL, it's the beginning of a new stage in our business trajectory, which comes along with a new business model: offering solutions in the cloud with the goal of making our clients' lives easier. That's the reason our technology was devised in the first place!.

At Ingenia Software we're convinced that the future is in the cloud, for that reason, we've decided to concentrate our efforts on developing applications under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, together with the best consultancy to guarantee the highest productivity, scalability, and mobility that you and your business need.

One of the advantages of migrating our platform to the cloud is, of course, that everything is available a couple of clicks away!, which is why we are also pleased to announce the possibility of creating your Ingenia Software Account for free, an experience of unified user where you can consult everything related to our products and services, as well as manage your purchases, payments, subscriptions, and products published in the Marketplace.

But that's all we can say for now!

We formally invite you to follow the news we have for you on our social networks and don't forget to send us your opinions and suggestions!



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