Thanks you

Thank you!

For years we have used numerous tools and resources that have allowed you to navigate our website today and enjoy our products, not to mention the alliances that have emerged along the way!

That is why in Ingenia Software we want to express our most sincere thanks and give attribution to the work and effort of others:


The Flarum team emphasize that their software is not yet ready to be used in production, but we couldn't resist the temptation to use it in our forum! Visit the Flarum website to learn more.


Dash supplies the Docsets used by our SimpleDocs application, with the prior authorization of Bogdan Popescu. ¡Thank you very much, Bogdan! Visit the Dash website to learn more.

Lets Encrypt

We use SSL certificates issued by Lets Encrypt to encrypt the data sent to your browser and thus protect your privacy.

Microsoft Corporation

In our beginnings, we had been part of the Microsoft BizSpark entrepreneurship program (now Microsoft for Startups) and, once graduated, we become part of the Microsoft Partner Network program as a partner. Thanks for the support, Microsoft!

Graphic resources

Several graphic resources are used throughout our website: