About us

About Ingenia Software

Ingenia Software is a private company dedicated to the development of software and internet services founded in the city of Maturín, Venezuela. We create commercial and Open Source software since 2016. We are currently focusing on the following areas:

  • Applications for desktop, web and mobile devices.
  • Consulting and assistance for the migration of business infrastructure to the cloud.

Since 2019 we are part of the Microsoft Partner Network.

The team: Young talent

The heart of every company is its people, and this is the main team of Ingenia Software:

Anderson Salas
Anderson Salas
Julio Cedeño
Julio Cedeño

The location: Venezuela

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Important events

  • 2016: Ingenia Software is founded. That same year, we joined the Microsoft BizSpark program, which allowed us to expand our operations to other countries and increase our catalog of products and services.
  • 2017: The first version of Luthier CI, a plugin for the CodeIgniter framework, is published.
  • 2018: The first version of MarkdownMe, a viewer and editor of Markdown for Windows, is published.
  • 2019: The first version of SimpleDocs, an offline documentation viewer, is published.